10 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Working From Home

What is a common mistake to avoid when working remotely?

Mistake 1: Working Without Resting

Solution: Create Time for Breaks

How to Create Time for Breaks when working from home?

set a timer
take a walk
schedule breaks

Mistake 2: Failure to Balance Work and Home Activities

work-life balance

Solution: Create a boundary between your remote work and home activities

Mistake 3: Working Aimlessly

Solution: Create Goals and a Time Table

create goals

Mistake 4: Ignoring Your Health

Solution: Create a Time Table and Eat a Healthy Menu

eat healthy

Mistake 5: Making Yourself Too Comfortable

too comfortable

Solution: Get Out of Yourself

Mistake 6: Working with Family Around

distraction when working from home

Solution: Avoid Family Distractions

Mistake 7: Negligence of Privacy of Information

data privacy

Solution: Treat All Information with Privacy

Mistake 8: Using an Open or Weak Internet Connection

Solution: Install a VPN to Protect your Network


Mistake 9: Failure to Invest in Setting up an Appropriate Home Office

Solution: Set Up a Home Office Desk

Mistake 10: Too Much Silence

too much silence in home office

Solution: Communicate Regularly



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